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Atlas oil tanks

Whether you are replacing an old oil tank or installing a brand new heating system, you need to be sure you are using the best.

You want a strong, attractive tank at an affordable price. A tank that will give you security and many years of trouble-free service – a tank you can install and forget about – an Atlas Tank.

Atlas Bunded Fuel Tanks are guaranteed for 10 years and are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of OFS T100 and EN13341.

Atlas are members of OFTEC

1300FDA Tank

Atlas 1300 FDA

Capacity: 1300 Lt

Length: 1800mm/71″

Width: 1300mm/51″

Height: 1900mm/75″

Footprint: 1.50m x 1.24m

Weight: 130kg

650BSA Tank

Atlas 650 BSA – Bunded

Capacity: 650 Lt

Length: 1260mm/50″

Width: 630mm/25″

Height: 1350mm/53″

Footprint: 600mm x 1210mm

Weight: 90kg

1000BSA Tank

Atlas 1000 BSA – Bunded

Capacity: 1000 Lt

Length: 2050mm/81″

Width: 710mm/28″

Height: 1515mm/60″

Footprint: 1940mm x 640mm

Weight: 135kg

1000BSASL Tank

Atlas 1000 BSA SL – Bunded

Capacity: 1000 Lt

Length: 1890mm/75″

Width: 640mm/26″

Height: 1440mm/57″

Footprint: 1830mm x 600mm

Weight: 115kg

1200LPBA Tank

Atlas 1200 LPBA – Bunded

Capacity: 1200 Lt

Length: 2000mm/79″

Width: 1400mm/55″

Height: 1000mm/40″

Footprint: 1890mm x 1230mm

Weight: 120kg

1225BSA Tank

Atlas 1225 BSA – Bunded

Capacity: 1225 Lt

Length: 2100mm/83″

Width: 860mm/34″

Height: 1550/61″

Footprint: 2010mm x 860mm

Weight: 140kg

1300BHA Tank

Atlas 1300 BHA – Bunded

Capacity: 1300 Lt

Length: 1800mm/71″

Width: 1300mm/51″

Height: 1300mm/51″

Footprint: 1500mm x 1240mm

Weight: 110kg

1250BSASL Tank

Atlas 1250 BSASL – Bunded

Capacity: 1250 Lt

Length: 2000mm

Width: 650mm

Height: 1660mm

Footprint: 1990mm x 640mm

Weight: 132kg

1300BVA Tank

Atlas 1300 BVA – Bunded

Capacity: 1340 Lt

Diameter: 1410mm/56″

Height: 1500mm/59″

Footprint: 1390mm/55″

Weight: 107kg

1300VFDA Tank

Atlas 1300 VFDA

Capacity: 1300 Lt

Diameter: 1410mm/56″

Height: 1740mm/69″

Footprint: 1390mm/55″

Weight: 125kg

1400BSA Tank

Atlas 1400 BSA – Bunded

Capacity: 1400 Lt

Length: 2130mm/84″

Width: 650mm/26″

Height: 1620mm/64″

Footprint: 2100mm x 630mm

Weight: 161kg

1900BHA Tank

Atlas 1900 BHA – Bunded

Capacity: 1900 Lt

Length: 2190mm/86″

Width: 1540mm/61″

Height: 1460mm/58″

Footprint: 1830mm x 1290mm

Weight: 147kg

2300BVA Tank

Atlas 2300 BVA – Bunded

Capacity: 2455 Lt

Diameter: 1700mm/67″

Height: 1810mm/71″

Footprint: 1670mm/66″

Weight: 162kg

2300VFDA Tank

Atlas 2300 VFDA

Capacity: 2350 Lt

Diameter: 1700mm/67″

Height: 1850mm/73″

Footprint: 1670mm/66″

Weight: 180kg

2500BHA Tank

Atlas 2500 BHA – Bunded

Capacity: 2500 Lt

Length: 2310mm/91″

Width: 1550mm/61″

Height: 1600mm/63″

Footprint: 1840mm x 1480mm

Weight: 172kg

2500FDA Tank

Atlas 2500 FDA

Capacity: 2500 Lt

Length: 2310mm/91″

Width: 1550mm/61″

Height: 1950mm/77″

Footprint: 1.84m x 1.48m

Weight: 190kg

3500BVA Tank

Atlas 3500 BVA – Bunded

Capacity: 3500 Lt

Diameter: 2120mm/83″

Height: 1600mm/63″

Footprint: 2075mm/82″

Weight: 198kg

3500VFDA Tank

Atlas 3500 VFDA

Capacity: 3500 Lt

Diameter: 2120mm/84″

Height: 1750mm/69″

Footprint: 2075mm/82″

Weight: 205kg

5000BVA Tank

Atlas 5000 BVA – Bunded

Capacity: 5000 Lt

Diameter: 2150mm/85″

Height: 2210mm/87″

Footprint: 2150mm/85″

Weight: 270kg

5000FDA Tank

Atlas 5000 FDA

Capacity: 5000 Lt

Length: 2650mm/105″ (inc. box)

Height: 2250mm/89″

Footprint: 2150mm/85″

(add 500mm for box)

Weight: 310kg

5000LPVFDA Tank

Atlas 5000 LPVFDA

Capacity: 5000 Lt

Diameter: 2450mm/96″

Height: 1950mm/77″

Footprint: 2450mm Diam

Weight: 280kg


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