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Summer Oil Tank Maintenance Guide

With warmer weather in sight, your oil tank might not be at the top of your mind. While you might not be relying on your oil tank for heat, it is a good time to check on your tank and ensure it is in good condition ahead of the colder months. 

The warmer weather also brings its considerations for maintaining the condition of your tank to avoid unnecessary stress and cost when you need your tank the most. Read on for advice on how to maintain your tank through the summer.


One of the quickest and easiest things you can do is check your tank for any signs of wear and tear. 

When having a look over the tank yourself, it is a good idea to check:

  • For any signs of cracks or splits
  • For any leaks
  • The surrounding area is debris-free to reduce sediments contaminating your oil
  • Your tank is secure, and no water can get in

If you’re unsure or spot anything concerning while checking your tank, call or email us, and we can help guide you to the best course of action for your tank.



The warmer weather increases humidity, which can cause moisture to build up in your tank, leading to a sludge build-up. Moisture and sludge in your tank can lead to corrosion, damaging your tank and contaminating your oil. If left unchecked, it can cause problems with your heating supply in the long run. 

If you notice a build-up in your tank or are worried, we offer a Sludge and Water Removal Service to get your tank back in top condition.


This might sound counterintuitive, especially as you are likely to be using less oil during the warmer months, but there are many benefits to keeping your tank topped up over the summer.

The main benefits of keeping your tank filled in the summer are:

  • Prices tend to be lower in warmer months, making it cheaper to fill your tank. This isn’t always the case, though a drop in demand typically comes with a price drop.
  • Too much space in your tank can create an environment for moisture and bacteria to grow, especially in the more humid summer months. This can lead to sludge and potential damage to your tank.
  • You’ll be ready for the inevitable colder days and nights when they come back around and won’t have to wait for a delivery when you need heat the most.


Unfortunately, heating oil is prone to theft, and with summer being a key time for people to be away from their properties, it is a good idea to look into how to secure your tank. Various options are available, from tank locks to security alarms. Our expert team can help advise you on what would work best for your tank.

tank security


It is recommended that you have your tank checked annually, and what better time than in the summer? Services should be carried out by an OFTEC-certified engineer, and they will ensure that your tank is in good condition and performing optimally.

During the summer months, you are more likely to be able to get an engineer out at a time that suits you, and you’ll have your tank in good working order ahead of the colder months.

To learn more about what happens during a tank service, check out our article ‘Why Regular Oil Tank Servicing is Important’.