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Water or sludge in your oil tank? We offer a 100% removal service.

Sludge And Water Removal

Over time your oil tank will generate a build-up of sludge which will contaminate your oil, and if left unchecked can cause problems with your heating supply. Due to the damage this can do, it is important to have your tank serviced and any sludge or water removed on a regular basis.

Where Does The Sludge Come From?

Typically sludge is formed from rust, dirt and oxidation of hydrocarbons in oil and is more likely to form if there is also water contamination in the fuel. Water contamination also causes microorganisms to grow in the fuel which sinks to the bottom of the tank. These then mix with any rust or dirt forming a layer of sludge on the base of the tank. Over time this can clog your fuel supply leading to heating issues.

To ensure adequate heating throughout the year, and no nasty surprises come winter, it is recommended to have your tank checked and cleaned at least once a year.


Free no obligation quotations available 7 days a week

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The team at Oil Tank Replacements will be able to handle all elements of your oil tank service for you leaving you with peace of mind and a squeaky clean tank. Working to current OFTEC regulations, we know how to safely handle and dispose of any sludge and water removed from your tank.

Based in Mid Devon, our friendly team cover the entirety of the South West and no job is too big or too small.

If you are unsure if your oil tank needs a service at this time or would like to request a quick quote, email the team at info@oiltankreplacementssouthwest.co.uk and they’ll be more than happy to help.

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